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Why publish in iMedPub Journals?

1. We offer the widest range of journals for publishing your articles. An option for every profile! All our journals are hybrid. That means that you decide whether publishing open access (300€),  under subscription (100€) or self-published (free for authors). No space constraints or color figure charges.

2. Your work is more visible and impact is guaranteed. We spread your artilce through Scribd (social reading), Twitter, Facebook,, and other social media besides traditional respositories and indexes. Average papers receives thousands of views and hundreds of downloads within weeks.

3. We have the most inexpensive Article Processing Charges (APCs) for publishing open access. Open access means that anyone with  internet access can find and read your work, offering you a wider audience and greater reach.  Recent literature shows that articles published in open access journals are more highly cited than those in non-open access journals. In addition papers published by iMedPub are widely cited in the media and distributed through social media as Facebook and Twitter so thousends of readers are ensured. Our current APCs are by far the lowest of all biomedical publishers (see this table comparing APCs).

4. We offer easy to submit and review systems. We use the Open Journals System.The only real-time interactive review system in publishingf your work. Convenient online manuscript submission - widely praised by authors for ease of use.

5. High quality guaranteed. iMedPub strives to provide the highest quality Open Access option for your paper. Our editors all rank in the top 5% of the world’s impact scientists. The real-time review and unlimited iterations with reviewers ensures top standards for every paper. High quality copy-editing and type-setting guarantees you the best production process The .pdf versions of your articles are published under a format designed to make your articles look their very best.

6. Fast publishing guaranteed. Immediate publication on acceptance. Your work is published as soon as it is ready.  iMedPub publishes online so there are no delays to meet page minimums or to coincide with issue dates. The most advanced, custom-designed, automated IT publishing platform. Papers go into review within 20 minutes after submission. Accepted papers pass through to acceptance in 30 days. Accepted papers are published on-line within 1 week.

7. You become part of an active and open minded social network of authors, readers and editors.

8. When publishing open access you retain ownership, copyright and control ots. Research which is freely available for redistribution - all articles published open access are Creative Commons licensed. Others who choose to use your work must attribute you, not the journal. Compliance with open access  mandates, including the NIH Public Access Policy and the Wellcome Trust Open  Access Policy.

9. Thorough peer review: your work is reviewed by a renowned Editorial Board.Only top scholars are appointed to Boards of Editors. 

10. You can insert online videos in the pdf pf your articles. Yes, you can! Now we add a QR code for letting users reading a printed copy of the article viewing online videos on SmartPhones or Tablets. When they scan the code they are redirected to the url with the video. When reading online they just click the link to go to the video.

11. You are part of something important: preserving the integrity, opening the discourse, and sharing the benefits of medical science more equitably, including:

  • Unbiased, quality-oriented, and transparent reviews (reviewers are disclosed on accepted articles)
  • Unmatched efficiency, with an average of 3 months from submission to publication
  • Reviewers focus on certifying accuracy of articles, not evaluating significance
  • Significance democratically judged by the reading activity of the community through advanced analytics
  • Truly impartial recognition of the best papers
  • Feedback on the impact of every article
  • Instantaneous online publication and an average of 7 days from acceptance until final pdf
  • Indexing of articles with PubMed Central and other archiving systems
  • Being part of a community journal initiative by researchers for researchers

Getting your manuscript prepared



Submissions should be done using the online submission system found at the journals's site or 

Alternatively, if you experience any problem uploading your manuscript via OJS, you could also submit it using next form:


When you altered your paper in light of the peer reviewers’ comments and you have written a covering letter to the editor explaining the changes you made or refuting the reviewers’ comments, you are ready to resubmit. This is done electronically via the iMedPub website. You will receive instructions on this with your decision email.  Try to resubmit as soon as you can. Generally, this makes it easier to do as the paper is still fresh in your mind. The scientific world moves very quickly so you want your work published before someone else produces similar work.  Once you have resubmitted you will see the status of the paper change. If you don’t see this or don’t get acknowledgment of your resubmission, check with the Editorial staff that they have received it.

After Acceptance

Important remarks

Once the Editor has received your revised paper, they will decide if the changes are acceptable. Occasionally they will send it back to one of the reviewers to see if they are happy with the changes. Once the Editor is satisfied, you will be notified that the paper has been accepted and will be prepared for publication. Kindly read your manuscript before it is sent to layout. We always try to publish an error free papers in iMedPub Journals, so it is mandatory for Authors to proof read their papers meticulously, before they are copyedited.

iMedPub is an hybrid publisher; we publish both under subscription (free for authors) and open access (with charges) models. Once your manuscript has been accepted by the Editor-In-Chief you will be contacted from our editorial office for enquiring the model you choose for your paper. You will also get instructions to pay the charges.  

Depending on production schedules you will receive a typeset galley proof of your paper within a few days of acceptance. It is EXTREMELY important that you check these carefully as this will be your last chance to correct any errors prior to publication. Please note the word ‘errors’ in the last sentence, the proof stage is NOT a time to alter data, conclusions, or add an author. These late, significant modifications will not be accepted. Check the paper carefully; look for errors of layout, spelling, references, and figures. Please remember that once you are happy with it, this is the form it will remain in for posterity. Correcting typo errors after publication is technically possible but an extremely laborious task and authors will be charged with a minimum of 60€ per round of corrections. See here a brief guidelines explaining how to notify to the iMedPub office corrections on proofs for articles.

Only when iMedPub have received your approved proofs will they be paginated and published on the website of the appropriate journal. It is time to spread your publication. iMedPub will let readers know it has been published by emailing all those who receive new paper updates. You have here some tips for spreading your publication

Getting your article indexed in PubMed Central

You can have your article indexed in PubMed Central following instructions described as "Method C". 


iMedPub can also arrange printing, translation and delivery of your reprint requirements.

Prices for printing and delivery:

  • 50€/copy for 1 single copy
  • 30€/copy for 2-50 copies
  • 20€/copy for 51-100 copies
  • 10€/copy for >100 copies

Authors of their own articles have a 50% discount in reprint services.

Publish a version in Spanish of your article

We have agreement with publishing houses, as BioMed Central, for publishing a Spanish version of their articles. For instance have a look at "International Archives of Medicine". We offer their authors to publish a Spanish version of their article in our Spanish journals (we have journals on Medicine and Pharma) and viceversa.

Key points are:

  • The cost of translation to Spanish is a discounted charge of €250 for articles up to 10 pages. A supplement of 20 €/page is applied when it contains more text pages.
  • The translation will be done within 15 days by professional scientific translators.
  • The translation can be published open access and free of charges in our Spanish journals with reference and link to the source journal, or directly in the original, depending on author's wishes and editor policies.

For further information, or if you would like a reprint/translation price for a specific article(s) please contact us at

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