The book "Atlas on biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease" featured in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience


As highlighted by the book reviewer "Readers will be interested in this publication because it reviews the current status of research at the time that visualizing outstanding results easily. The possibility of coming across an optimal and well done review of biomarkers for AD is crucial not only for expertees, but also for the large public seeking to make a first approach to the world of biomarkers for AD. Such an easy to use manual, with the purpose to make the broad and often confusing biomarkers discussion surrounding AD accessible to a wider audience, notably in the clinic, is invaluable. The contents seem adequate, and Dr. Menéndez has a well established track record in this field that ensures the quality of the final product, and therefore I am certain the scientific contents are solid. Overall it is a solid and timely proposal, at a competitive price range, which I am sure will make an impact where it matters the most, in the clinic with patients."


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